About Us

About Founder / Designer
InstantRecoveryMD Founder/Designer, Monir Jalili, has been a major contributor to the fashion industry for over 35 years. She launched Carabella a contemporary collection of swimwear, eveningwear, and sportswear that was available through mail order catalogs as well as online.

Monir then started InstantFigure Compression Shapewear, to specifically address women’s desires and need to be in shape, supported, confident, and comfortable.  Monir’ s mission is to provide customers with styles that flatter and enhance their look instantly, with the highest quality at exceptional prices. Monir’ s designs are tailored to women’s health, beauty, fitness, and career needs. With the amazing feedback from customers that were not only using InstantFigure shapewear to look slimmer, but the additional benefits of InstantFigure compression garments and accessories has crossed over to the medical field. From post-surgery, sport to work related injuries, beauty to plastic surgery, individuals living with anxiety, adhd, autism, and sensory sensitive disorders .  Our products are endorsed and currently being sold by plastic surgeons to health, wellness and beauty spas, orthopedist, online medical suppliers and distributors and many more.

Due to the success of Insta Slim and InstantFigure, our compression garments and accessories have crossed over to the medical field. From post-surgery, sport to work related injuries, beauty to plastic surgery, and autism (special needs).  Our products are endorsed and currently being sold by plastic surgeons, health professionals, wellness and beauty spas, orthopedists, online medical suppliers, distributors,  and many more.

Our products are made in the U.S.A. and have been Government laboratory tested and approved. InstantRecoveryMD compression apparel is one of the fastest growing woman owned company’s in the industry and we feel this is a direct result of high quality product and construction. 
We have been promoting our products with great success via direct TV, major retail chains, TV shopping channels such as QVC, online shopping portals, specialty stores, plus more. 
Many medical garments in the market are made of thick, uncomfortable, and itchy fabrics. InstantRecoveryMD key element is the distinct special proprietary blend spandex that provides maximum support and ultimate comfort. “THE MAGIC IN THE FABRIC “.  Our fabric consists of a single-layer SUPER shaping compression control fabric designed to give you that INSTANT Recovery Support. Our premium quality products are breathable, durable, provides shape retention for optimum performance.   Product does not shrink, is fade resistant, withstands hundreds hundred’s of washings, perfect for all ages, body shapes and sizes, cool in summer and warm in winter for optimal comfort. 

We provide a full range of services from: EDI and non-EDI, fulfillment centers capable of handling over 100,000 units, drop shipping, mail orders, UPC coding, immediate shipping, International shipping and payment, and more.
We look forward in hearing from you and your team!

Why Medical Compression Garments

After having certain medical and surgical procedures, patients quite often must use compression garments to aid recovery . Many patients do not realize wearing compression products on a daily basis offers many health and performance benefits.

A compression garment is built to improve the blood circulation to the area of the body that it is worn on. With the increased blood flow to the injured area of the body, the wound heals faster and with fewer complications.

In the case of a post-surgical procedure, compression garments offer additional stability to the injured tissue – holding the area steady so the wound heals with minimal scarring.

Added benefits to wearing compression garments after a medical procedure include:, reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation from the muscles and tissues in the surrounding area, and reduced infections at the site of the open area by reducing the possible contaminants the body comes in contact with.

There are multiple types of compression garments, defined by where they are worn on the body. Everything from support stockings that increase blood flow to the legs to help prevent blood clotting, to abdominal binders – particularly helpful to those that have undergone any kind of procedure to the abdomen or women recovering from pregnancy, specialized undergarments for women who’ve undergone breast augmentation or a mastectomy, nearly any surgical patient can benefit from the use of a compression garment.

For patients who will be confined to a bed for any length of time, support stockings are generally recommend, to keep up the circulation in your legs, and help keep you mobile. One of the common reasons for support stockings for post surgical application is to prevent medical setbacks like stroke or blood clots. Before the widespread use of support hose, often what would happen is a patient would recover only to have a devastating blood clot to the brain or heart causing a sometimes fatal stroke or heart attack. The support hose helps to keep the blood circulation in the legs – which is often where clots tend to form – at the farthest point from the heart.

They Key Element is our Fabric

After 2 years of fabric testing, a special premier yarn and spandex blend was achieved and we introduced our compression products. Proudly manufactured in the United States of America and made from an exclusive unique blend of nylon and spandex that provides maximum support that gives ultimate slimming and firming effect.
The key element to our product is the special proprietary blend spandex that provides maximum support with the ultimate comfort.
This single layer of super compression Ultra light weight-soft fabric is best next-to-skin, the Lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric improves all range of motion its breathable and soft to the touch, no bulkiness or scratchiness, feels like your second skin, the highest level of comfort guaranteed.
Our Anti-Odor and Anti-Bacterial technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.
Moisture control draws moisture away from the body and keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and is fast drying.
Fabric is SPF50 for optimal sun protection
The lightweight material is SGS Laboratory tested, and Government approved. Our fabric is insured to have premium quality and durability.
Designed to provide shape retention and compression even after extended wear and washing.
Easy care/Machine washable - will not shrink and is and is Fade Resistant.
Most seams and labels sewn outside of garment for non-irritation to the skin.

Heal in comfort with support & benefits of InstantRecoryMD
General Product Benefits

Each Style of our Collection offers different benefits.
Our products are Perfect for use of abdominal (liposuction, tummy tuck) as well as treatments on the waist and hips, back, and additional procedures.
Our 4 way stretch fabric provides optimal amount of Compression, helps improve the blood circulation, minimizes swelling & soreness, after the procedure, & speeds up the healing process.
Compression provides support to surgical areas for more comfort & helps the skin fit better to its new Shape.
Compression Flushes the body out of potentially harmful fluids, helps patient to return to daily routines sooner.
Compression offers lifting, shaping & slimming the body & flattening your stomach, waist, hips, thighs.
The plush waist elastic band, Hook ‘n Eye closure panels are used for extra support, and will not roll-down.
Performance technologies Fabric and products can improve blood flow and help enhance mobility for muscles, stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscles to provide comfort, support and stability.
Gives the optimal support with 24-hour comfortable 4D compression needed all day every day.
Doctor Recommended….
Additional benefits of wearing compression garments daily:
Helps with Better Posture and Back Support.
Waist Shaper Helps reduce Bra Bulge.
Helps eliminating Love Handles (No more muffin top) 
Helps shape and Lifts your Rear Shapes and Firms Hips
Full Torso Compression
Made in USA